New Jersey Courts

  • Filmed interviews with the NJ Courts team to share the story of what it is like to work for the organization and entice potential employees

  • Scouted shoot locations and set up final shots

  • Provided timely communication skills through e-mail, phone, and in-person meetings

  • Demonstrated and shared strong knowledge of production equipment

  • Collaborated with a small team to schedule interviews, spaces, meetings, and reserve equipment

Run Dry

  • Built a 4' tall installation piece advocating for the global water crisis (focusing in Newark, NJ) - no prior woodworking/construction experience

  • The piece functioned as both a screen and a waterfall

  • Produced a short video interviewing residents of Newark, NJ on their experience living in a city where you can't trust your drinking water 

  • Nearly all visual footage was captured with an iPhone

  • The short was projected onto the waterfall prompting viewers to take notice of the fact that even though the water in front of them looks clean and clear - what chemicals actually sit inside?

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Locked In

  • Short, horror film I produced

  • Strong focus on lighting and audio manipulation

  • Created for a class project where I turned a peer's nightmare into a visual project

  • A different type of reality

Campus Movie Fest (CMF)

  • Entry for TCNJ Campus Movie Fest 2019

  • Produced with Kris Hastings 

  • Team Captain

  • Created the vision and storyline of Escaping Voodoo

  • Assisted with directing, camera operation, and editing

  • Nominated for the top 16 films of TCNJ Campus Movie Fest (2019)

  • Developed and completed in one week under CMF guidelines