Taking a year off of school and moving my entire life to Orlando, FL for one year (August 2017 - July 2018) was both the scariest and most rewarding decision I ever made.

Arriving as someone shy and full of self-doubt, I became the only college program trainer in my department after just four months. While working in Tomorrowland, I trained cast members from all around the globe. Through teaching others I began to develop my leadership skills. I carried these skills with me when I returned to college and worked as a Student Mentor for transfer students at The College of New Jersey as well as a teaching assistant in the school's Interactive Multimedia department. 

In March 2018, I was selected out of a group of 100+ cast members to receive the Quarterly Award for outstanding work performance. This was a life-changing moment for me because it opened my eyes to how much I had unintentionally limited myself before Disney.

After my program, I came home and began studying Interactive Multimedia. I stopped doubting what I was capable of and invested all of my time in creating the projects I had always dreamed about making but was too afraid to fail at before to even try. This excitement and confidence has remained with me years after my program. They're the feelings that drove me to produce my first video for Campus Movie Festival, learn woodworking to build my first ever installation, co-host my own podcast, and so much more.

I bring the Walt Disney work ethic to all of my projects and have Tomorrowland to thank for my determination in transforming even the wildest of dreams into a reality.