Social Stamina

(Social Media Content Creator)

  • Designs and organizes social media posts for Social Stamina's 30+ clients on departmental shared drive (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)

  • Actively assists with client outreach and photographs in-person client events

  • Utilizes Canva to edit images and design engaging, clickable social media posts for clients

  • Researches and pitches ideas for future blog/social media posts at bi-weekly creative brainstorming sessions

  • Writes detail-oriented blog posts that offer tips on how to utilize social media to grow your business

  • Created gifs

Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 7.52.36 PM.png

Click on the image to be taken to a blog post I wrote for Social Stamina.

TCNJ LTV Spotlight Interview I produced.


Examples of Canva posts I've designed for Social Stamina and various clients.

TCNJ Lions Television (LTV)

(Director of Social Media & Public Relations)

  • Composed and distributed creative content to all of TCNJ's video production organization's social media accounts - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (600+ followers)

  • Produced monthly feature shorts that celebrated the diverse members of TCNJ Lions Television in professional television studio

  • Enthusiastically jumped in to any positions when needed - camera operator, sound operator, teleprompter operator, lighting technician

  • Utilized Adobe Photoshop CC to design clickable thumbnails that grew our audience inside and outside of campus, as well as, publicized videos to our 500+ subscribers

  • Photographed all TCNJ Lions Television events to document organization growth and spread awareness of television studio opportunities


Some of the thumbnails I designed for TCNJ LTV.